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Our course portfolio allows you to understand 3D Printing from the mechanics of the printer to the implications for your team and business.


Introduction to 3D Printing

3D Printers are machines that challenge the way we understand tools. This introductory program breaks down the machine to the bones to teach the basics of 3D Prinitng workflows to better understand its implications. 

The program is taught in 2-hour workshops with all material provided. This workshop is ideal for teams or organizations who need an introduction but do not have a technical background such as educational programs, incubators, and SME´s


This program takes a step back from the 3D Printer to look at the prototyping method. The objective is to change the role of prototyping from trial and error to a strategic innovation development method. 

The prototyping program can be delivered in a single 1.5-hour workshop or as a longer course according to the needs of your team. The program is optimal for strategy focused teams and educational programs focused on entrepreneurship.

AM Strategy

Based on scientific research on cognitive and computational strategies, this program makes a review of product and business strategy with the aim of integrating 3D Printing successfully. It focuses on the organizational resources and product architecture to make sense of the possible avenues for the exploitation of 3D Printing. It provides a broader view of the technology and its impact on supply chain and sustainability strategy.

This program is tailored to the needs of the client organization and is delivered in a 3-5 month intervention. The intervention is structured in 4 modules and a practical project. It is delivered in a combination of workshops and coaching sessions.  

**All training content can be modified to adjust to your organizational needs and technological capabilities.

“Working with The Firm and The Product gave Maker the opportunity to offer courses in AM Strategies for hardware startups building on both research and practical experiences. We are seeing real impact with the companies enrolled in the course – it won’t be the last time we partner up!”

Malte Hertz Jansen

CEO, Foreningen Maker

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