Succesful integration of 3D Printing in Design, Development, and Fabrication processes often requires the revision of strategy, organization, workflows, and product architecture. Succesful reviews can highlight potential sources of value and create roadmaps towards competitive advantage using 3D Printing.

At F&P we provide consulting services to find these opportunities and structure new strategies and workflows that help your organization to migrate succesfully to an Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Our area of expertise covers 3D Printing, generative design, computational design strategies, strategic design, innovation management, and agile project management.

Antonio Esparza Ph.D.

Head of Venture at F&P

Antonio Esparza holds a PhD in entrepreneurship and 3D printing from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. His work lies at the intersection of design, economics, and technological development. He works in academia and professionally in the dissemination of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) methods that help entrepreneurs and SME’s include more complexity in their products and innovate value propositions.

“During our 3 month course collaboration, F&P demonstrated not to be a standard design firm. Antonio has a very creative perspective with highly competent skills. Good at concept ideation and overviewing complex and strategic issues such as the sustainability transition many companies are in. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Amalie Gielov
Product designer, BIBS




In partnership with Lifestyle & Design Cluster and Design Denmark, F&P was tasked with the integration of future European Union sustainability requirements in BIBS product portfolio.


Our work focused on the integration of circularity to the existing sustainability policies and manufacturing capabilities. Additionally the intervention proposed a scenario based on product lifecycle extension. 

The project used generative design to propose a digital tool to be used in strategy workshops where stakeholders reinterpret the strategic vision and propose new products according to their place in the organization.

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