3DPrinting is not about the machine, it’s about how you think with it…

In F&P we focus on making 3D Printing meaningful to you and your team by developing your skills according to your technological capabilities.

Courses and Training

We design training programs focused on shifting the focus of 3DPrinting implementation from the technology to the people using it. Our main objective is to prepare individuals and teams to take advantage of Additive Manufacturing and AI computational strategies regardless the 3D Printing technology used.


Exploration of the latest strategies is essential for us to show the potential of 3D Printing in sustainability, innovation, and speculative design scenarios. With this in mind we collaborate with schools, organizations, and designers who wish to expand their knowledge of this technology.


Successful 3D Printing implementation often requires a review of strategy and product development workflows. We coach SME’s and early stage entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate this technology and exploit the new possibilities it brings.

“3D Printing gives small organizations the flexibility necessary to develop new products as fast and efficiently as big corporations. Our challenge today is to transform their strategy so they can compete accordingly.”

— Antonio Esparza Ph.D. — founder



Our pet project stof.skifte shows how 3D Printing is the only technology able to close the gap between plastic disposal and circular manufacturing on a local scale. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark it used PET and HDPE locally to create illumination pieces. Visit our instagram page and get yours.

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